I believe that the best photographs bring you to the edge of your emotions, just like movies do. I want your pictures to come to life in your hands, every time you flip through your wedding album.  Imagine yourselves in the future, showing your children your wedding album and reminiscing about the wide range of emotions along with the butterflies you had that day. Your wedding pictures should take you back to that moment so you can feel the nervous excitement of your day. I want your images to bring you to bittersweet tears.  I want your photographs to feel like a great movie that you get to watch over and over again every time you look at your wedding album.


Wedding days can be stressful, and no couple looks their best when their faces show the impact of the pressure that comes with getting married! My background is in event planning and I know how to manage your photography so you, your bridal party, your friends and family can all enjoy your day. Even before the wedding, I can help answer the many questions you’ll have about the way everything works. I will guide you through the wedding day and ensure that you stay in the moment, making the magical memories that will become your beautiful images.